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The level of experience our escrow personnel has will give you confidence to facilitate even the most complex of transactions. Utilizing integrations with many of the top lenders you will find our process far exceeds expectations.


Cabin in the Hills


Real Estate Pros

We continue to set the bar on making our real estate professionals look good. By utilizing our many tools, professional staff and brilliant technology we make the closing process transparent and pain free for your clients. Everyone should experience the TST difference.



The way you judge a real estate transaction is how empowered you are in the process. Are you informed all the way through the process? At TST we make it our priority to give you all the information you need to feel good all the way through the process.

Our Philosophy

It's very difficult to be an industry professional and provide value to your clients if you haven't worked and played on different sides of the ball.  In other words, real estate can be tricky if you don't fully understand the entire process, from all angles and all sides.

Our group is made up of seasoned professionals who started in the trenches, made it to the top and then realized that they missed having teammates.  To not be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor because you have nobody to count on takes the fun out of the game.  

You work to make money, you make money to enjoy life.  You only live once.  The culture that Tom Sawyer Group is creating is one of happiness, bringing joy to the communities that we serve.

We are concentrating on commercial real estate, bringing the best franchises and eateries from the west, east. 

Burger joints, tea spots, noodle bars, tobacco shop / head shop combo's, discount dollar stores and more.

As a bonus to our agents, we also provide national real estate title insurance capabilities.  Again, Tom Sawyer Group's agents are sourced, seasoned and on evenings and weekends, stoned

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